SHAPING Talents,

Amplifying Stories

Italy Unlocked aims to internationalise the Mediterranean area through audio visual production services offered on a regional and international scale. The company also launches training programs for social purposes in the visual field within the region.

The educational program is the key to nurturing new talents and providing them with opportunities to be part of local and international productions.

By partnering with a selected list of third-sector companies, local authorities, and the Italian Ministry of Culture and Education (MIC/MIUR), Italy Unlocked writes, submits and executes educational programs for youths aged 13-19.

Our values are based on three principles:


The Global becomes Glocal: a vast multilingual worldwide network cannot disregard local identities. For each node in this extensive network, there are PEOPLE, each with something special to contribute to the community. There is no global identity without respect for local culture.


It is essential to give the younger generation what the present and past generations have denied them: an idea of a better future and an effective platform to develop skills.


The social enterprise is actively involved in disseminating knowledge and providing training in the audio visual domain. It positions itself as an entity that interprets the international audio visual landscape through specific educational initiatives and meaningful partnerships to fulfil its mission.