Italy Unlocked was formally established in 2018 as a bridge project to connect the UK- US market to Italy by the Media Company Hoxtonlab LTD based in London. In 2021, Executive Producer Marco Morano and Creative Director Erica Mainini expanded their venture bringing on board additional industry experts to ensure comprehensive coverage of all key departments within the realm of film production. And here we are, boasting a distinguished track record in advertising, cinema, communication and audio sectors, we have settled our headquarters in the strategic region of Sicily, beneath the arches of an Umbertine fortress dating back to 1861 and established a branch nestled by the scenic shores of Lake Como, all surrounded by enchanting landscapes, rich history, iconic style, amazing food, and very nice people. At Italy Unlocked we are redefining the essence of a modern production company. We blend our profound understanding of local customs and territories with a global perspective and attitude, showcasing works that enhance the human experience. With this unique approach and, of course, our unmistakable Italian flair, we offer to our international clients an authentic viewpoint, rooted in cultural richness yet guided by a broad global outlook.

Our focus revolves around four key pillars:

Production: Through dynamic partnerships with co-producers and our own creative ingenuity, we unveil the richness of the Mediterranean with innovative and unique concepts on screen.

Services: Addressing the diverse needs of productions, we offer customised solutions ranging from pre-production and logistics to delivery. Our services encompass location scouting, creative and technical support and admin assistance.

Post Production Audio: IU is the proud owner of the first Atmos Studio for audio mixing in South if Italy for both cinema and home entertainment platforms. 

Communication & Creativity: Guided by a passion for storytelling, we infuse every project with a touch of artistry that sets it apart. From concept to visual aesthetics, we cultivate creativity at every stage, enhancing the overall impact and resonance of our productions.

Take a look at us on the cards below, if you have any question, a project in mind, or simply want an introduction, feel free to reach out and book a call! we don’t bite.

Marco Morano


People are the beating heart of every great production. As a CEO-Executive Creative Producer, my primary value is to recognize and enhance the potential of each individual, because it is people who bring life, passion, and success to every project we undertake. .

Erica mainini

Creative director-Head of Communication

Cinema is the art of transforming ideas into moving images, capturing emotions, and telling stories that will remain imprinted in the viewer’s mind forever, and why not… occasionally leaving behind some questions as well.

Tobia Malaguti

Head of sound

Cinema is music for the ears of the soul. As the Head of Sound, my mission is to create an engaging audio experience that transports the audience on an exciting journey.

Fabio Cacia

Cinematographer, writer

Cinema is the magical medium where words come to life, stories take shape, and emotions take flight, transporting viewers to worlds never experienced before.

Marco Zappalà

Director of Photography

Italy is a treasure for a director of photography. Its people, its unique and diverse landscapes, and the captivating light provide endless opportunities to capture emotions and create extraordinary images.

Giovanna Verdelli


Sicily: where cinema meets beauty. As a Production Manager, I find it exciting to blend the magic of cinema with the captivating Sicilian backdrop, creating extraordinary productions that capture the essence of this wonderful land. .

“Cinema is not only about making people dream. It’s about changing things and making people think.”
– Nadine Labaki